All recording’s going well! (No. 9)

Last week was spent mostly working on the new Haircut 100 material and passing it down the line to Graham and Marc like a scrum half. And I also took some time out on Friday afternoon to plant (record) another new species of flower (song) for the Nick Heyward album. It’s a grower…

About to record hand-claps in our residential studio (Oliver’s bedroom)

  • Helen Bull


    • catwomansarah123

      Fabulous news indeed. 😉

  • Mel

    I’m clapping MY hands together at that news!!! Happy Christmas!

  • Lee

    Hope theres a tour when the CD is released?

  • Mark

    You have made my day Nick!
    Today is a FANTASTIC DAY 😉

  • Ian Shaw

    Now all you need to do is come to Key West to do the mix! :-) xx

  • Paul Worthington

    Will Haley’s heart b making an appearance ,hope so !

  • http://Facebook Michelle Frain

    Yay! When do you think the albums will be released Nick? X

  • Tina belfitt

    Yippee!!!!!please please please do a tour ????????

  • Sam Nutley

    hooray! Can’t wait to hear the new Haircut 100 tunes …

  • Tim Raynor

    Super productivity and positivity. Looking forward to the results.

  • Sharon P

    Have beeb waiting ages Nick… feels ike an eternity. Any news in release dates please? X

  • paul ashby

    Sounds good

  • Nina Stoneman

    You all just have to tour !! Can’t wait to hear HC100 again xxx

  • Fleecircus

    congrats! Can’t wait!

  • opalmoss

    It’s a grower? Does that mean it’s not a shower?

  • Mark

    Can’t wait !

  • Sharona Ainslie (@Sharonagirl23)

    Awesome cannay wait too hear……tour soon? 😀 x

  • Ragan

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear it! Looking forward to new breaking news.

  • David Dalton

    Are there any plans for another fold-out poster with this release?
    Big fan of the “Nobody’s Fool” 7 inch single.

    Haircut 100’s release schedule makes My Bloody Valentine look like rank amateurs!



  • Ty

    Dude, u have always rocked hard! You are my world!
    Thanks for the music!

  • Paul H

    Pelican West reissue still on the (Christmas) cards too??

  • ang

    You have totally made my Christmas:-) xxx

  • opalmoss

    Passing it on to Graham and Marc…what about Les?

  • greta jenkins (@greetjenkins)

    Excellent news Nick we all look forward to this. Happy Musical New Year, top news

  • pestypaws

    how can we show love with a teenagers soul, beautiful nick .. would be nice to hear the full 2nd LP aswell