Favourite days

Favourite days are sunny days – rare as rice pudding here in the UK – but appreciated like precious jewels. I know sunshine’s on the inside (as Denholm Elliott’s Mr Emerson pounds into his chest with a fork in A Room With A View). It’s easy to say from the land of the sunflowers, but […]

Happy Holidays

A lovely reunion in Key West with Mr Ian Shaw. Great to see him! I made Kite with Ian when we were just a pair of nineties nippers. Now things have channelled beautifully and we both have twitters More fun vicars! To be flap packing my merry way around the bars and cafés of Hemmingway […]

New album update

I have five new species of flowers (songs) ready in the greenhouse (home studio) and I’m very happy with all of them. So, when we make it to a happy ten I will mix them all, master them all and share them all. It’s a joy recording with my son, Oliver. We’ve worked together for […]