‘From Monday to Sunday’ is 24 years old today

From Monday To Sunday

Nick Heyward’s classic power pop album From Monday to Sunday was released on this day in 1993 by Epic Records.

The lead single ‘Kite’ reached No. 4 in Billboard’s Hot Modern Tracks chart (aka the US college radio chart) thanks to the support of DJs like Rodney Bingenheimer from KROQ in Los Angeles. Blogger Jim Kee reckons it’s “like a 90’s Penny Lane”. We won’t argue with that.

Looking through reviews of the album online led us to Amazon’s user reviews and they really are something to behold. Here are a few snippets:

“I could kick myself for missing this one: it’s an album that radiates with sheer pop goodness… Don’t hold Nick’s sweater-wearing past against him. This is first-class pop music.” Donald E. Gilliland

“Why isn’t this album on the top 10 of any “Best albums of all time” lists. This record is brilliant beyond words. It deserves more than five stars. I can’t explain this record exactly but I would say this would be the sound version to your Idea of the best day you ever had. Beautiful just like rainy days.” Amazon Customer

“A pop masterpiece all the way through. It will make you believe in music again.” Michael Paulsen

This performance of ‘Kite’ from The Late Show with Conan O’Brien has Phil Taylor on bass (recently seen co-producing tracks on Nick’s latest, Woodland Echoes), Anthony Clark on keyboards (also contributed to Woodland Echoes), Graham Ward on drums, Donald Skinner on guitar, and from Conan O’Brien’s house band, Jimmy Vivino on mandolin.

  1. Love Is the Key by the Sea Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 04:22
  2. Mountaintop Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 3:27
  3. The Stars Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 03:45
  4. Beautiful Morning Nick Heyward 04:28
  5. Who? Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 03:10
  6. Forest of Love Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 03:15
  7. Baby Blue Sky Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 3:10
  8. I Can See Her Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 03:09
  9. Perfect Sunday Sun Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 03:17
  10. New Beginning Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 03:30
  11. I Got a Lot Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 03:31
  12. For Always Nick Heyward Buy on iTunes 02:56