Let’s Rock 2014 – thank you

I so enjoyed this year’s Let’s Rock festivals in Leeds and Southampton. A massive thanks to the fans, the organisers, Oliver Heyward for stage production and to my stellar band:

Rob Harris – guitar
Dan Western – drums
Brian Henry – keyboards
Don Chandler – bass
Rob Digweed – sax

I so appreciate playing with great musicians and such lovely chaps. Thanks guys!

I’ll have a slightly different band for Rewind. Looking forward to our first show in Scotland next week.

Kind regardens,


  1. Glad you felt welcome in my city! I thought the set was very well received. Safe trip home and enjoy Rewind 🙂

    1. Thanks, Amoc. These days I aim to sing my songs the best I possibly can. Songs like Whistle Down The Wind are beautiful and it’s my job to deliver them fresh as a fantastic daisy. I now feel like I’m doing the songs justice on stage – thanks to in-ear monitoring and brilliant musicians.

      1. Ah, yes, I’d seen that Oliver and Dan had taken receipt of in-ear monitoring too. It all looked very relaxed – and felt like a longer set than usual? I like hearing Over The Weekend as it makes me want to dance like in the video – which is slightly problematic when defending front row barrier position in front of 10,000 other folk! For what it’s worth, I think you’ve always done the songs justice on stage when I’ve seen you. All the best x

  2. We had a fab day & it was great to see you. Please think about doing some of your own gigs again in small venues – we all want to hear the new songs!!

  3. It was absolutely fantastic seeing you Nick. And. Being so close to the stage and so. Near you was amazing.. I am so glad I named my son Nicholas after you. You are such a well mannered amazing person. Xxx

  4. Although the standard was very high on the day I think Nick’s performance was the highlight. First time I’ve seen him live and it was a treat.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, Richard. I felt very relaxed in Southampton even though talking about taking the sunshine to the dry cleaners didn’t go down so well. Haha

  5. Hi Nick, you did sound fresh as a daisy:) hope you enjoyed the sherbert spaceships!
    Tracie x

  6. Great set on Saturday, lovely to hear Whistle Down the Wind one of my favourite songs ever. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Kxx

  7. Hey Nick is the rewind tour heading to the northwest (Liverpool) ?? And any new tunes in the pipeline?
    cheers Nick

  8. Attended Rewind yesterday (16th Aug) and you guys were a real hi light. As for Fantastic Day – the perfect song for the occasion. Only one problem, you’ve left us wanting more! Any gigs planned for the London area please? All the best.

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