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Trumpets play
Trumpets play
I have five new species of flowers (songs) ready in the greenhouse (home studio) and I’m very happy with all of them. So, when we make it to a happy ten I will mix them all, master them all and share them all.

It’s a joy recording with my son, Oliver. We’ve worked together for years on live shows and it’s great to finally work together in our greenhouse. This flowerbed (selection of songs) is turning out to be quite a mixed media affair of left-field pop, not dissimilar to the direction I took with Kite. Anyway, whatever it is, it feels nice and natural. If it suddenly veers off and goes jazz, I’ll let you know. (I do want to do a jazz album next, by the way. It’s in me. It’s in there somewhere!)

Kind regardens,


    1. Dan Western (drummer extraordinaire) mentioned he went to see them the other day and how brilliant they were. I just checked them out on youtube and I see what you mean about a wild flower of raw beauty! Thanks Earl. You never know what the master gardener is up to up there in the heavenly shed!

  1. Looking forward to hearing the new material Nick, it’s been a while ! #ruralinspiration #flowerpower ????????

  2. So excited to hear this news, you and Ollie make a great team.
    Hopefully there will be some gigs to promote this too.
    Happy Sunday.

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  3. Great stuff Nick..Really looking forward to it..if you ever need any backing vocals F.O.C just let me know and mesage me on would be an honour to work with the great Sir Nick of Heyward
    ……all the best Lester x

  4. The Kick Of Love was pretty jazzy in parts. Surely that was enough! Sorry just not a big jazz fan.

    1. It’s an acquired taste, isn’t it Simon. I know, some spit it out straight away. I love it because it was fed to me as a nipper in my slippers with my kippers! What’s your taste in music then?

  5. Wonderful news. I really can’t wait. Hope there’s a song about a Piscean or two in the mix? Xx

  6. Brilliant news Nick. Just leaving hospital today, feeling a little teary because the person I was visiting is not going to be around for much longer. Lost in thought on the drive home when some of your songs magically appeared on the ipod shuffle in the car. ‘Two make it True’, ‘Carry on Loving’, ‘Whistle down the wind’…..great songs, they all happily brought me some place else for a time….I suppose what I’m trying to say is that your music timeless for many of us and the prospect of new songs is really wonderful.

    I love the idea of a jazz album. I think that The Kick of Love was one of your finest moments. Maybe you inspired this, because it’s cut from the same cloth;

  7. Well done to u and Oliver ,I look forward to the daffodils springing up in my welsh garden along with your album too xxx

  8. Excellent! Be good to see you north of the border back at King Tuts again – even if we do get independence from you lot…………Would also like to see to see you in a locked songwriting room with Roddy Frame to see what you could come up with together…..

    1. Like that Kenny Nick and Roddy, two of my faves. Saw them perform on the same stage at a gig put on by Miles Mhunt a couple of years back.

      1. I’m off to see Roddy next week in Glasgow. 30th anniversary of High Land Hard Rain. A few parallels between Roddy & Mr Heyward musically I feel.

  9. I can’t wait to hear the new material Nick, you’re a great song writer, all the best to you & Oliver. Tim

  10. Excellent news Nick.
    I’ve converted a few people to the charms of “Kite”.
    I’m trying to be patient, but don’t take too long!
    Any plans to tour Tasmania?
    You could sip tea on our balcony whilst looking out over the hills of Richmond.
    Cheers, Dave.

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