Q: Any plans on doing any US shows?

Q: Lorraine Poulin asks, “Any plans on doing any US shows?”

A: Nick replies, “Last year, I did a surprise appearance in Pasadena. It was a surprise to me as well, I didn’t know I was doing it until I got there!

No plans for doing any US shows at present. What’s on the website is what’s happening. Any plans to tour, will of course, be posted here. I’d really like to get something new out before doing any kind of touring.”

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  1. Message Nick, Huge fan from Atlanta ..I have a quick question. Would it be possible to send you a few of my LPs for autographs from you. I read your response on touring over here and i think this would probably be my best shot..Thanks for your consideration –been a Fan for 25 years.. spencer anderson

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