Q: Do you go to the gym? How do you keep your youthful vigour?

Tim Burt asks, “In the video ‘Today’ you had your shirt off for one scene and it looked like you worked out. Do you go to the gym? How do you keep you youthful vigour?”

Nick replies, “Thank you, Tim. I was hitting the weights around the time of that video, although not so much now. Hardly touch them these days, in fact. I do Pilates, tai chi, light cycling and as much walking as I can. Walking in nature in sandals is blissful. I could also say the same about walking in the sunshine, but actually I like walking in shoes anywhere. I just love to walk. Walking is the spice of life.

The video where I really wanted to get my shirt off was Kite. I was in my physical prime at the time and a photographer took some photos of me swimming in the country house pool. A couple of weeks later she rang and said her flatmate wanted to have a word. And the next minute, I was talking to Kylie Minogue and she was telling me how great I looked in the pictures! I should have taken some tips from her on revealing oneself in one’s physical prime. I Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, say no more. My Kite could have flown to some dizzy heights, at least higher than 44! Although I’m very proud of my tweed-suited no. 3 position in US college radio charts.”


    1. Ha! Do you think so Justine? I’ve had my moments, haven’t I? Loincloths, etc… Oh, the benefit of hindsight. I didn’t realise my physical prime was going to be so brief or I would have really gone for it. On the subject of narcissism, I’m fascinated by hair styling and am going to write a blog on the subject.

      Thanks for your comment. Cheers.

      1. I’ve never been quite the same after seeing you hanging virtually naked from that rope in the LOVE PLUS ONE video. I was set to “go off to the right” ๐Ÿ˜‰ but then I “went off to the left” and I’ve never looked back. Talking of hair – your very best hair do was on the cover of LOVE ALL DAY. I tried so hard to copy it, but because I’m a bit of a crystal tips – I could never quite achieve it.

  1. gym? Now that reminds of a video I had where you were doing pull-ups on the bar. Or rather you were cheating at pull ups!!! Ahhh such memories.

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