Q: Do you like cooking and what’s your favourite dish to cook and to eat?

Kathy Jones asks, “Do you like cooking and what’s your favourite dish to cook and to eat?”

Nick replies, “I love cooking at home because maximum nourishment and an abundance of the sun’s energy are not high on the list of a restaurant’s priorities. I’m feeding my body and soul. The mind does like to go to cafes though. Actually, loves going to cafes. The body says, “No! Take me home!” and the mind replies, “You need to get out more. Socialise Nicholas. You never know who you might bump into.”

My favourite dish always involves quinoa. I lightly steam vegetables and mix them up in a wok with organic rapeseed oil, adding seeds, fresh herbs and chopped birds eye chilies. It’s all got to be organic and natural.

I see food as energy, which totally goes out the window the moment I step into Ottolenghi and see the cakes. Some of those cakes are deadly little Trojan horses that I can wipe off the face of the planet in one fell kestrel swoop. I love life – especially eating it.”


  1. For me it has to be Paella,the colours remind me of the sun on a bright summers day and put a smile on the face.The chorizo and seafood bring memories of meditteranean holidays with good friends and treasured memories!

  2. I get satisfaction from seeing my son tuck into quinoa (cooked up with vegetable stock etc) and knowing it’s doing him good. Favourite meal – it’s not cooked as such – it’s my breakfast – beetroot and orange juice together. I put it through the juicer. Lovely and liver cleansing. Semi-sweet and earthy tasting and beautiful colour. As I drink it I tell myself “Life is sweet, life is delicious, life is good”. It’s a nice way to start the day. I would recommend this drink to anyone.

  3. Thanks Nick! I used to be vegetarian and that was the kind of dish I loved! I’m sorry to say I’m now a fully fledged carnivore again but still revive the ‘MY body is a Temple’ recipes fr6 time to time! X

  4. Hi Nick

    You do sound a very happy chap, how do you stay so positive, What is your secret please.


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