Q: What effects/amps did you use to get the guitar sound on Tangled?

Kevin Woodruff writes, “I have been revisiting some of your albums, especially Tangled. The guitar sound on that album is epic. Do you remember what effects/amps you used to get that sound?”

Nick replies, “My particular favourite guitar sound was on ‘She’s Another Girl’. That was from the first recording session at Park Gate Studios in Battle, East Sussex. Julian Gordon-Hastings, Jim Kimberley and I spent a whole day getting the guitar, bass and drum sounds right and were beyond happy. We were going to use the sound for the whole of the album, but the next morning all the equipment was moved for another session. We tried, but never got the same sound and vibe back. So I ended up doing most of my guitars with Ian Shaw at Shaw Sound. I plugged into his trusty old beaten up 100 watt Marshall combo amp with a vintage Les Paul borrowed from my manager, Graham. It just worked a treat and there were no pedals used.”

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