Questions and answers

Nick receives lots of questions via social networks that he hasn’t been able to answer properly – til now. Feel free to ask away and be creative! Submit your questions via the Contact page.


  1. Hi Nick,

    I can’t seem to leave a message via the “Contact” link.

    Been looking forward to the new album for a couple of years now. When is it coming out?

    And any chance of re-releasing the rest of your back catalogue on Cherry Red – including the sublime “The Mermaid and the Lighthouse Keeper”?


    Dave from Tasmania

  2. Hiya Nick,

    Any plans on doing any US shows?



    (I live in Phoenix, moving to LA in August. Us Brits would love to see you).

    1. Was it an Rs2000? Well spotted if it was/is! I imagined it being an early sixties white Triumph Herald with red leather interior and wire-wheeled spokes. Or at the very least a Triumph Spitfire with similar spec…

  3. Hi Nick

    Will you doing any shows to promote your new album, are you doing any in the north west of england.
    Thanks Neil

  4. Hey Nick,

    I’m an writer/director and I’ve got an eye on using Favourite Shirts as the main song on my debut feature film.

    Who owns the rights to the tune mate?



  5. Hey Nick, any news regarding the Haircuts new tunes?. The pelican West info seems to have gone from your homepage.

  6. Hey Nick, who plays Guitar on “Warning Sign” and why isn’t that track on an Album ? Greetings from Switzerland, Simon

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