Two free VIP tickets for Rewind North

rewind-festival-north-thmb-lrrWe have two VIP tickets to give away for Rewind North. They’re valid for Saturday, 30 August and will get you into the festival and VIP areas.

Just leave a comment if you’d like to enter. We’ll choose one at random and announce the winner at 9pm on Monday, 18 August.


Michelle Robins has won the tickets. Congratulations, Michelle. We hope you have a fantastic time!


  1. Hi Nick would love to hear your gorgeous melodies live at Rewind North….and have a Fantastic Day’!!!

  2. Hi! I am 50 in October this year. I lived and loved the 80’s!! ???? Would love to go to this festival xx

  3. I’d love to win these tickets as it’s my fiancé birthday 30th August and this would be the best present ever for him!! It would seriously make it a FANTASTIC DAY xx

    1. Congratulations, Michelle. The tickets are all yours! Would you please use the form on the contact page to give us your address and we’ll post these out asap. Hope you have a great time. ????

  4. It would be a blue hat for a blue day to have a north of a miracle for me n my love olus one to have a fantastic day

  5. Rewind tickets here to be won
    But no guarantee of some sun
    Still, a fantastic day
    Will be coming our way
    But who would be my (love) +1

    In truth could only be my wife
    Or as you say darn sarf my trouble and strife
    An 80s freak like me
    will both be your club boys at sea
    As we are having the time of our life.

  6. Can’t think of anything witty
    Or something clever to say
    Just would love to treat my sister
    To a music filled fantastic day!

  7. 5th year going to Rewind and having a change from Henley to head up and support Rewind Norths first year! Would love VIP tickets to make the best weekend of the year even more fantastic! X

  8. Relax!! Winning these tickets would be a Fantastic Day,Im currently living in a Box so winning these tickets would be Perfect.I could tell the wife “Come on Eileen” we are following the White Lines up North…she always wanted to go to Vienna……or Down Under so while she is Making Her Mind Up I will blow up 99 Red Balloons and go Dancing in The Streets.My Dad will be there telling me to Move Closer( he still lives in this Ole House) and be Respectable….Papa dont Preach… I Shout at him…Its my time for some Fame!!
    Meanwhile the Wife is ready to Go Go…The No. 19 Bus first takes us into a Quiet Town Centre….A Ghost Town you could say,but wait is this all a Dream….lets get Back to Life I think it was too much Red Red Wine how silly of me to Imagine i won……Theres the wife holding Baby Jane whos Crying……..its her Birthday Party… she will cry if she wants too..All the guests have gone…I think we are Alone Now………..It was all a Dream ME…ME Win Rewind Tickets………….I Should Be So Lucky !!!

  9. Would love to win V I P tickets to see aload of 80s bands, I’m in it to win it . I’m off to get a haircut (100).

  10. I never win anything but got to At least give it a go, would love to win especially to see Nick again since last time I saw him was at the apollo theatre Manchester in the early 80’s & I’ve never stopped loving his music & him of course as my childhood ‘first love ‘ , still got all my vinals & stuff too. 🙂

  11. Would be great to win as never seen him play live. Yes I agree first love too back in my teenager years. 🙂
    His music is timeless and soulful and pure.

  12. I have already got a ticket – it would be great to go to the VIP area – the reason I am going – is to see you play anything from Pelican west – which was the first album I ever owned.

  13. Would be great to see you and the guys play whilst I’m here from Australia! I’m putting it out to the universe! ????????????????

  14. Where do we go from here? Is it down to the lay keffir? Ayayayayaya, ayayayayayayaya, very cold! Oh and would be a dream to win tickets 😀

  15. Hey Nick, I have just seen you at Henley Rewind….truly awesome and you took me back to my 20’s lol thank you, look pretty damn fine as well!!! WOW Would be great to see you on stage again, you were my idol…my husband is my idol now with you a damn good second….. Debra

  16. Nick is an absolute gent, asked him to sport my Royal Signals Benevolent Fund band to help promote the charity. He did it without hesitation, thank you! Promise I will get one to you Nick.

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