Blog from the bathroom

Now our lives have shrunk to wherever we were when all this started to begin, which luckily in our case was a home. We can all get adjusted to the new world. The bathroom is the new holiday destination, the kitchen – a minibreak, the lounge – our internet café, our garden/veranda/windowbox/window sill – our past time. My fiancée, Sara, and I have been ill for a couple of weeks, but are feeling better now (still no testing here, though). We seem to be passing symptoms back and forth to each other, which might mean practicing some social distancing.

<em>Sara and the kitchen scrap garden<em>

I’ve dug up my lawn. It’s not needed anymore. It’s now soil to grow vegetables. We’re saving seeds from leftover kitchen scraps and Sara is planting them in pots. Every last centimetre is going to be utilised in this house, in this new world. Everything is appreciated, and everything that happens to this home is appreciated. Every delivery, every collection of rubbish, every moment in time, every sleep, every new morning, every new post, every Instagram Live, which I’ve just started doing for the last 2 or 3 days. If you’re bored and want some lighthearted mucking about, mixed in with a little sprinkling of whatever, then keep ’em peeled or pop over to Instagram. Quite frankly it’s terrifying and electrifying at the same time to go live. But, now I’m up and running I’m going to pop up on Facebook and YouTube, too.

Over on Twitter, @flash_russty suggested I do a Spotify playlist, so I’ve done one for my current go-to classical favourite songs. Next, I’ll do a top ten of pop, followed by rock, jazz and all the genres. I’ll even do a top ten of my own songs.

So, thanks for reading this if you did. Of course you did. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Keep well. Stay strong and powerful. It’s very simple – you just say “my immune system is strong and powerful” 100 times a day. It’s worked for me. If we did have this virus, we seem to be kicking it in the goolies. A low blow, I know. But when it comes to viruses, I fight dirty. All’s fair in love and war.

Kind regardenings,
Nick, Sara, and Grandma 900 xxx