New beginnings

I am always connected. The feeling doesn’t come and go. I might, but it doesn’t. It is always here. So, don’t worry, you’re always connected regardless of whether you think you are or not. It’s like radio. Just because you’re not listening doesn’t mean it isn’t being broadcast 24-7.

Written on Saturday, 35,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean on the way to Florida

I was up at 5:30 this morning because I’m still on UK time. And I’m fine with that. In fact, it’s a good springboard for a good dive. The house is quiet and dark, but I feel light as a feather. Mainly, because I’ve been hitting the affirmations. I’ll probably do 200 reps this morning before breakfast. I begin with “I am love” x 100, then “I am healed” x 100. Then I pour some of Sara’s homemade soya yoghurt over some strawberries, spelt flakes, ground flax seeds, and a handful of walnuts. It’s always good opening one of the cupboards here, because you never quite know what you’re going to get. The plates might have been moved and another set of plates moved in. This can happen over night. So, it’s a constant surprise, which I like. In fact, I don’t recognise the bowl I’m making breakfast in. I swear they were a different colour. But I fill it with goodness and the yoghurt’s lovely.

I take it to my studio to eat, play ukelele, and sing some more affirmations. I know I shouldn’t sing while I’m eating, but I’m still excited to be home and want to do everything at once. Read every book, do every thing that I do. Travelling means you can’t take a bath when you want to, so I stand over the bath and want to give it a round of applause for just being a bath. What a wonderful thing. It literally is a living, breathing womb. So, here is another day to appreciate everything. Every moment. Every tiny detail. Every scent. Everything.

Sara’s up and raring to go. It doesn’t take her long and she normally wants to go out as soon as possible, so we’re going to Starbucks for a Gladsome Hawk record label meeting. We choose to walk rather than cycle because we can chat along the way. I had lots of meetings in London to digest and evaluate and consider. And during this meeting, we were joined by an actual hawk. In my little Ted Andrews Animal-Speak book, it says: “Hawk: Spirit vision and guardianship surround you. Be patient and observe. You will see the opportunities. Signs are clear.”

The meetings have clarified my pathway like never before. It is now crystal clear which way to go.


Nick Heyward – ‘New Beginning’ from Woodland Echoes
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