Recording a new album & sharing the process



The follow-up to Woodland Echoes is well underway. I’ve been sharing songs in progress on Patreon where supporters are providing financial help to complete the album and allow me to continue creating. Patrons can receive:

  • Album updates and previews
  • Daily video updates on Patreon Lens
  • Live streams chat, Q&A, and performance
  • Patreon-only merchandise

Everyone’s welcome, so stop by and say hi.




The webshop is open!

The webshop is open!

It isn't the prettiest thing at the moment, but in time we'll get there and there are more products are on the way as well. If you have any problems ordering or get weird shipping prices, please let us know so we can sort it out. TO THE SHOP

UK Acoustic Tour 2019

UK Acoustic Tour 2019

Following the success of his most recent album, Woodland Echoes, and tours of the UK and Japan, singer-songwriter Nick Heyward returns in April 2019 with a series of intimate acoustic dates around the UK. Audiences will be treated to hits from across his entire career...

The Stars 10″ – MP3 download codes

The Stars 10″ – MP3 download codes

Apologies to everyone who may be having problems using the download codes included with The Stars 10". Please use the following URL to get your FLAC or MP3 files: http://www.gladsomehawkdownloads.co.uk/ghawkv002

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Nothing scheduled at this time. Any listings on Ticketmaster, Spotify are in error. This includes all festivals in 2021.

Regular live streams and daily video updates are being posted on Patreon.


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