A few years ago my mate in Haircut 100, Blair Cunningham, asked if I could show is son Prakash how to play Fantastic Day on guitar. So, I did these videos for him playing my unamplified 1965 Gibson 330 Sunburst. The other day on Twitter, @IanPriestley67, a guitar beginner, asked for a video calling out the chords and I remembered that I’d already done this. So, here they are.

Have fun with this guys and be ready to be called up on stage!

Video 1: Intro
Video 2: Verse 1 – Chugging
Video 3: Chorus 1 – Fan-tas-stick Day!
Video 4: Middle 8 – Shave myself
Video 5: Whole song – All the bits together as one

Nick Heyward shows how to play Fantastic Day the Haircut 100 way

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