Nick Heyward – North of a Miracle (2xCD)


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Nick Heyward’s debut album, North of A Miracle was originally released through Arista Records in October 1983. In January 1983, he departed Haircut 100 and headed straight into the studio with Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick to produce a timeless classic pop album. It was highly acclaimed by both fans and critics upon its original release and is still held in high esteem today, with Uncut magazine calling it an all time classic that fell off the radar. The album features 4 hit singles, ‘Whistle Down The Wind’, ‘Take That Situation’, ‘Blue Hat For A Blue Day’ and ‘On A Sunday’.

This reissue has been personally overseen by Nick and expanded from its original 10 track form to include an additional 22 rare and unreleased recordings. These consist of b-sides, alternate versions and remixes, with 4 tracks appearing on CD for the first time. This set also includes a previously unreleased concert recorded on the North of A Miracle tour at London’s Dominion Theatre in November 83.

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  1. When It Started To Begin
  2. Blue Hat For A Blue Day
  3. Two Make It True
  4. On A Sunday
  5. Club Boy At Sea
  6. Whistle Down The Wind
  7. Take That Situation
  8. The Kick Of Love
  9. The Day It Rained Forever
  10. Atlantic Monday
  11. Don’t Get Me Wrong (b-side)
  12. Stolen Tears (b-side)
  13. Café Canada (b-side)
  14. Love At The Door (b-side)


  1. Take That Situation *
  2. Two Make It True *
  3. On A Sunday *
  4. Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) *
  5. Milk Film *
  6. Love Plus One *
  7. Atlantic Monday *
  8. More Than A Dream *
  9. Fantastic Day *
  10. Whistle Down The Wind (12″ Mix)
  11. Take That Situation (Rhythm Mix)
  12. Love Sublime On A Sunday
  13. Atlantic Monday (Early Version)
  14. When It Started To Begin (Re-Recorded)
  15. The Kick Of Love (Instrumental)
  16. Take That Situation (Instrumental)
  17. Whistle Down The Wind (Instrumental Reprise)

* Live at the Dominion