Epic | 1995 | CD, cassette
Cherry Red Records | 2011 reissue | 2xCD

Tangled is Nick Heyward’s fifth solo album. It was released in 1995 through Epic Records and produced two singles, “The World” (#47 in the UK Singles Chart and “Rollerblade” (#37 in the UK Singles Chart). Two versions of the “Rollerblade” single were released, the second called “A Hard Day’s Nick” included three Beatles covers.

All songs written by Nick Heyward.


Single sleeve for Nick Heyward - The World
The World
Single sleeve for Nick Heyward - Rollerblade

Single sleeve for Nick Heyward - A Hard Day's Nick

A Hard Day’s Nick

  1. Kill Another Day
  2. Blinded
  3. Backdated
  4. She Says She Knows
  5. The World
  6. Carry On Loving
  7. I Love The Things You Know I Don’t Know
  8. Can’t Explain
  9. Believe In Me
  10. Rollerblade
  11. The Breadwinner
  12. London
  13. She’s Another Girl
  14. 1961

Bonus tracks on the Cherry Red reissue

  1. Mr Shirt & Tie
  2. Friday
  3. Better Place
  4. Famous Man
  5. If I Needed Someone
  6. Nowhere Man
  7. All My Loving
  8. Kite (acoustic)
  9. Caravan (acoustic)
  10. Fantastic Day (acoustic)