On A Sunday (1983)

The 4th single from Geoff Emerick-produced North of a Miracle. During Tim’s Twitter Listening Party for the album, Nick tweeted:

“‘I love the brass on this song. Always have done. It takes me back to Air Studios Sunday morning recording sessions. Geoff parking his old Mercedes actually on the corner in Oxford Circus. There were lots of things you could do on a Sunday in 1983 and one of them was parking anywhere. And it was empty and peaceful. You could hear birdsong in Oxford Street on a Sunday.”

“Please do excuse the name drop here. But I sat next to Paul McCartney on an aeroplane flying into Heathrow, the one he got arrested on. And he told me, he really liked this song and really liked the guitar on it. “Was that you?” And I said yes and that moment I could have died and gone to heaven.”

Archive of the listening party tweets. Just hit play on track 1 of North of a Miracle and start the feed to see Nick’s tweets about the creation of this album as you listen to it.

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