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I wrote the lyrics when I didn’t know the answer to the question and the music when I did – it all happened through a process of doing and becoming. Ask and you shall receive… maybe not right away and sometimes it takes years.

My fiancée and I used to live in a little cottage in the country near a pub called The Crooked Billet. Every Friday and Saturday night during the summer we’d hear gypsy jazz drifting over the fields. This is tipping my hat to that sound.

I worked on it with my old friend and jazz fanatic, Phil Taylor, and he really pushed me as a musician and helped produce some of the best work on Woodland Echoes. I love his BVs here. We would usually spend most of the day with tea and cakes and talking about anything but music before we start work. This is how I create. Most of the recording time is setting up the atmosphere for the gushing to happen.

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